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Ready to run (RTR) car manufacturers

[eng/de] Carrera Maker of cars in 1:24, 1:32, 1:40 and 1:43 scales {checked 10-feb-2003}
Fly car model Beautiful and strong magnet cars that might need some small adjustments for racing {checked 10-feb-2003}
[eng/cat/esp/de] Ninco Sturdy and good looking cars of excellent build quality {checked 10-feb-2003}
[eng] Scalextric They have been around for ages and are still going strong {added 03-mar-2003}

Kit car manufacturers

[de] White Point German manufactuter of 1:24 cars made to run on plastic (home) or routed (club) track without glue {checked 17-dec-2006}

Plastic track manufacturers

[eng/de] Carrera Maker of tracks in both 1:24/32 and 1:43 scales {checked 02-mar-2003}
[eng/cat/esp/de] Ninco Only 1:32 scale tracks, but 22 percent wider than Scalectrix {checked 02-mar-2003}
[eng] Scalextric 1:32 scale, but the narrowest of them all {checked 15-okt-2006}

Acessory manufacturers

[eng/it] Slotit Chassis, motors, gears, axles, wheels {checked 10-nov-2006}
[eng] Parma Controllers, cars and what not {added 06-feb-2006}
[eng] Professor motor Tons of links and info, maker of Professor Motor slot racing controller {checked 10-feb-2003}


Tracker 2000 Track planning software
Virtual race system Software lap timer {fixed 17-dec-2006}

News and information

HO Slot Car Racing
My slotcars
Old wierd herald
Slot car garage
Slotracer 1/32 scale slot car news and reviews

Where to buy/Stores

Codes inside the prepending square brackets means: [S]=real life shop [O]=dot com shop

-- England

[?O] MRE Has tons of cars {checked 17-dec-2006}
[SO] Pendle slot racing Has almost everything in RTR 1:32 {checked 17-dec-2006}
[?O] Slot32 Don't stock everything, but have really nice prices {checked 17-dec-2006}
[?O] Scale models {checked 17-dec-2006}

-- Germany

[?O][de] Kaufschlau Good selections and nice prices, but 1:32 only {checked 17-dec-2006}
[?O][eng/de] Slot 32 1:32 cars from most (if not all) manufacturers {checked 17-dec-2006}
[?O][eng/de] Jens scale racing Have everything you need to build your own 1:24 slotcars {added 17-dec-2006}

-- USA

[?O] Fantasy world hobbies Has almost everything for 1:32 scale slot racing. Make sure you check out their great tech tips section too {checked 17-dec-2006}
[?O] Radtrax Tons of stuff for ever scale I know anything about {checked 17-dec-2006}
[?O] Slotcarworld There selection of lexan bodies (any known scale) is second to none, lotsa cars too {checked 17-dec-2006}
[?O] Sport Craft Have a good collection of slot cars and diecast miniatures {checked 17-dec-2006}

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