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-- Sequencers

[eng] Pro Tools Digidesign makes this pro software and hardware (both Mac and PC) {checked 8-may-2005}
[eng] Logic / Logic express Apple computer is the new owner of top notch Logic Audio sequencer (Mac only) and VST plugin software. They also make some nice hardware {updated 8-may-2005}
[eng/jap/esp] Digital Performer Is MOTU's flagship software (Mac only) is and their hardware audio interfaces is definitley in the pro division {checked 8-may-2005}
[en/de] Cubase Steinberg makes this sequencer (both Mac and PC), who also makes some hardware products {checked 8-may-2005}
[eng] Mackie Distibutes Tracktion, a cool MIDI + audio sequencer for Windows and MacOS X {updated 8-may-2005}

-- Instruments and effects

[eng] Muon software Small and cool synths and samplers {checked 09-mar-2003}
[eng] Sampletank Sampler {checked 09-mar-2003}


-- Microphones

[eng/de] AKG Mighty mic's, headphones and wireless systems made in Austria {checked 24-jan-2005}
[eng] Audio technica High quality microphones and headphones made in Germany {checked 24-jan-2005}

-- Outboard effects

[eng] Alesis {checked 09-mar-2003}
[eng/de/fr/jap/esp] Behringer {checked 09-mar-2003}
[eng] Digitech Makes nice guitar effects {added 20-sep-2003}
[eng] Focusrite Mighty good (and somewhat expensive) studio effects {checked 09-mar-2003}
[eng/fra/de/esp] Line6 Effects and amplifiers {checked 09-mar-2003}
[eng] Samson Effects and wireless systems {checked 09-mar-2003}
[eng] TC Electronics Cool hitech effects with great sound quality {checked 20-sep-2003}

-- Soundcards

[eng] Echo audio Very fine stuff {checked 27-dec-2004}
[eng] M-Audio On the cheap side of the spectrum{checked 20-sep-2003}
[eng] Presonus My prsonal favorite brand {checked 23-jan-2005}
[eng/de] RME Reference cards {checked 09-mar-2003}

-- Synthesizers / Sound modules

[eng] Clavia Makers of Nord lead, Modular and Ddrum {added 21-sep-2003}
[swe] Roland Roland's Swedish site {checked 21-sep-2003}
[swe] Yamaha Sweden Yamaha's scandinavia site {checked 21-sep-2003}

-- MIDI keyboards

[eng] CME Makes really nice expandable MIDI keyboards {added 19-mar-2005}

-- Acessories

[eng/it/ger/esp/fr] Quiklok Keyboard and microphone stands, 19" racks etc {checked 16-apr-2003}

News and information

[eng] Harmony central News and beyond {checked 24-apr-2004}
[eng] K-V-R News and reviews {checked 24-apr-2004}
[en/fr] Macmusic If it's music related and for Mac's, it's here. Articles, news, software, forums {added 8-may-2005}
[eng] Sonicstate News and reviews {checked 24-apr-2004}
[eng] Synthzone Info and links relates to synts {added 24-arp-2004}
[eng] Yamaha manual library Manuals for new and older Yamaha synths {checked 21-sep-2003}
[swe] Instrument online Forum, artiklar, annonser m.m. {checked 24-apr-2004}


Codes inside the prepending square brackets means: [P]=paper [C] CD/DVD included [O]=online
[PCO][eng] Computer music A big no-no to external equipment is taught here, but they have some spiffy free and fully functional software on the DVD {checked 8-may-2005}
[P_O][eng] Sound on sound Serious stuff indeed, very good reviews {updated 8-may-2005}

Where to buy/Stores

Codes inside the prepending square brackets means: [S]=real life shop [O]=dot com shop

-- Sweden

[__][swe] Fitzpatrick General agent {checked 23-jan-2005}
[__][swe] Luthman General agent {checked 22-jan-2005}
[S_][swe] Jam Stockholm, Vasteras och Goteborg {checked 19-mar-2005}
[SO][swe] Musikcentralen Vaxjo {added 19-mar-2005}
[SO][swe] Musikborsen All around Sweden {checked 19-mar-2005}

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