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GNU C compiler

Home of the GNU compiler suite. {added 10-dec-2003}
General: Opensource
License: GPL
Languages: Ada, C, C++, Objective C, Fortran, Java
Host platforms: [Lotsa CPU's] Most op.sys. out there
Target platforms: [Most CPU's ever made] Server, desktop, embedded, ...


Home of the OpenWatcom C/C++ and Fortran project. {added 10-dec-2003}
General: Opensource, x86 only, extremly good code generation
License: Open Watcom Public license
Languages: C, C++, Fortran
Host platforms: [x86] DOS, Os/2, Win3.1, Win95/98/Me, WinNT/2k/XP
Target platforms: [x86] DOS (16/32bit), Os/2 (16/32bit), Win3.1 (16bit),
Win32s (32bit), Win95/98/Me, WinNT/2k/XP, Novell NLM


Home of the TenDRA project. {added 13-dec-2003}
General: Opensource
License: BSD style licence
Languages: C (C++ is planned, maybe Fortran too)
Host platforms: [Lotsa CPU's] Lotsa flavors of Unix, QNX
Target platforms: [Lotsa CPU's] Lotsa flavors of Unix, QNX

TenDRA One of the developers in the project at 'ten15.org' (see link above) launched this site to research a different goal. {added 13-dec-2003}

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