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The art of silence, part 2

Here is a few tips how to get your computer to make less noice.

My new ATX case is an Antec Sonata and it has already silent fans, so what am I up to??
Well, there are mounting holes for an extra 120x120mm fan to move some air around my fast SCSI disks that generates a bit too much heat to be healty in the long run.

Aquire a silent fan!!!

It's hopeless to get a noisy fan to shut up unless you:
(a) Disconnet it from the power supply, or (b) toss it in the nearest dust bin.
Unfortunately, (a) not only makes it impossible for the fan from cooling the computer, it will in fact be in the way for the air flow, and (b) does't make things any better. Well, both (a) and (b) will surely make your computer less noisy, but you might need the fan to get some heat out of the box.

I choosed a Papst 4412 FGL fan for the job, an excellent choice if I may say so myself.
I placed the fan on the table and connected 12 Volt to it, and I noticed that it could be heard. This fan makes only 26dB of noise with an air flow of 94 m3 per hour. Not bad, but I don't think my SCSI disks really need that much air flow to justify the noise.
Well, it should be as silent as possible, so I had to lower the speed a bit.
After a little research *cough*, I found that 8 Volts would be a good choice, the fan beeing virtually silent and still moving some air.

This is the required parts:
This is how to do it:
  1. Cut one of the wires
  2. Slip the shrink tube on the longer part of the cutted wire
  3. Solder the resistor into the cutted cable
  4. Move the heat shrink tube in place and apply some heat until it can't been peeled off
  5. The fan is ready to be installed in the box

PS. If you need a quiet 80x80mm fan, then Papst 8412 NGL is the perfect choice. With a noicelevel of only 12dB at 12V makes it hard to beat. DS.

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