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Studio hardware

Here is a list of the equipment I currently own. It will be expanded as I buy more stuff, an unavoidable fact for a gadget junkie like me. Pictures and better descriptions will follow.


Apple, iBook
1.33 MHz CPU, 768 Mb RAM, 60 Gb hard drive, 14" screen and most important, it's shiny white. Runs the latest MacOS X.

1.6 MHz 64bit AMD Turion CPU, 1.5 Gb RAM, 100 Gb hard drive, 15" widescreen. Runs WinXP, Zeta and Solaris.


Soundcraft, Spirit folio Rac Pac
14 channels (2 stereo) and 4 groups. Has lotsa effect sends and returns


Audio Technica, ATM31
Unidirectional electret condenser microphone. I have two of these nice mics.


AKG, K240 Studio
Open design.


Alesis, Monitor 1 active mk2
Sounds just great. Got very good review in SOS magazine.


TC, Triple C
Mighty cool compressor

TC, M300
Quite affordable multieffect (owns 2 of them ;o) with good sound

Sound card

Presonus, Firepod
Connected to my iBook via firewire. 8 balanced analog inputs/outputs. SPDIF in/out. MIDI in/out. Fully balanced send/return jacks on input channels 1 and 2. Slightly pricey for home use, but I like it.

M-Audio, Audiophile 24/96
PCI card, 2 analog I/O, spdif I/O, MIDI I/O. Unfortunatley, the analog I/O is not balanced. I just own this card, I don't use it anymore.


Yamaha, DX7ii
Old FM synth from the late 80's

Roland, Juno 106
Das analog machine, say no more

Sound modules

Alesis, S4
Alesis first rack unit

Yamaha, Motif rack
Needs no comment, I guess

Roland, MKS50
Rack unit version of Juno alpha 1

Roland, PG300
Controller unit for MKS50

Roland, R5
Drum machine


Aria Pro II, Heritage
Was cheep, but nice to play on. Equipped with 3 pickups Both analog pickups can be switched between humbucker and single-coil mode.

Burns, Flyte
Late 70's model, cool design, not playable due to twisted neck

Guitar amp

Carlsbro, Hornet 15
Little 15W combo amp with kinda raw sound. Unfortunatley it lacks a builtin spring reverb unit.

Guitar effects

Carl Martin, The Fuzz
Distortion stompbox

Digitech, Genesis 3
Amp modelling, effects

Line 6, Tone core Constrictor
Compressor stompbox

Morley, Wha-wha
Classic stuff indeed. Jimi Hendrix used those

Roland, GI-20
MIDI interface. This unit generates MIDI notes from the guitar via the GK-3 pickup.


Burns, Flyte
Late 70's model, cool design

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